16 Signs You're A Canadian Dressage Rider

1) You can easily ride through your dressage test wearing a full on snowmobile suit and Sorel's.

2) You have a crowbar and/or a hammer in your tie stall to knock out snowballs from your horse's feet.

3) You've used a blow dryer to dry off your horse before turning him outside.

4) You don't blink an eye when your instructor shows up wearing a ski-doo suit to teach you.

5) You've bent a hoof pick trying to pry snowballs out of your horses feet.

6) You have a stick for breaking open frozen water buckets.

7) When it warms up to -12 in January you ride all day in a t-shirt.

8) Your eyelashes freeze when you run out to catch your horse.

9) You cringe every time you watch the RCMP Musical Ride.

10) You have no problem riding 6 horses right after eating poutine.

11) When it finally warms up enough to ride outside you spend more on Off or Deep Woods in a month than you do on board.

12) The closest CDI Dressage show is a 42 hour drive away.

13) You build smudges in the summer to keep the bugs away.

14) You wear long johns under your long johns and a tuque under your helmet.

15) You've twisted your ankle on a piece of frozen horse poo.

16) You wouldn't change it for the world, eh?

Happy Canada Day! And Happy Riding!


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Brad Booth

Brad Booth

17) You purchased Sorel’s for your horse
18) Your horse has an insulated Gore-Tex snow sheet
19) Your arena drag has a Zamboni attachment

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