You Need To Know Pia Fortmuller

You need to know Pia Fortmuller. Why? Because she represents everything that it means to be a dressage rider. Disciplined, focused, hardworking, funny, humble, generous, determined and above all else, is guided by the pure love for the horse.

Pia and her partner Lars have built their business, Dancing Feet Dressage, in the beautiful rolling hills of Priddis, Alberta. After almost a decade of training in Germany, under the tutelage of Heike Kemmer and Jonny Hilberath, Pia returned to Canada.

I visited their farm and had the opportunity to talk dressage, farrier work (Lars' occupation besides scouting talented young dressage prospects), and was fortunate to watch Pia work her rising star, Frieda, a 7 year old mare Lars found as a 2 year old. 

Check out this short video of Dancing Feet Dressage:

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Betty T.

Betty T.

Lovely! Such beautiful riding.

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