European Dressage Bridle Trends - 2018

"Life's too short to wear boring tack."

Want to know what's hot in the world of Dressage bridles for 2018? At Solo we keep our fingers on the pulse of the European dressage scene to stay at the forefront of the latest fashions and trends. Lets not wait another second and jump straight into the hottest trends for this coming year! 


There is nothing bigger than patent in the world of European dressage bridles! They're everywhere. If you're not wearing patent you might as well be walking around in tweed bell bottom pants. But they'll come back in fashion, just give it enough time, right? 

Interested in patent? Check some out here:


We are moving towards perfecting the ultimate fit when it comes to bridles. If you aren't buying anatomical you aren't doing your horse justice. We want our horses to focus on their work, not on their ill fitting tack. Cut backs for the ears, shaped nosebands, and browbands that don't interfere with crownpiece placement are absolute minimums. 

Interested in anatomical crownpieces? Check out this swag:


If your browband still comes straight across the horses forehead, its definitely time for an upgrade! Long, droopy, wave shaped browbands give that picture perfect elegant look. They make large heads appear smaller, accentuate already beautiful heads, and make unfortunate heads look amazing. Wave shaped browbands are the beer googles of tack.

Show me the shapely goods!


Tapered sides and cut outs are revolutionizing the noseband game. Gone are the days of no shape, straight nosebands that make everything they sit on seem clunky. Accentuating the face, and providing optimal comfort is the name of the game. Maximizing comfort allows our horses to focus on what really matters, performing at their best.

Contoured Nosebands:

Fashion and comfort are finally meshing in bridle technology. Your horse can now not only look good, but perform at his maximum potential in pure comfort! 

Happy Riding!







  • Do you have a drop nose and style available?

  • Hi Adria! At the moment all our models only come with the crank noseband. :)

    Solo Equine
  • Lovely bridles. Are any models Not Crank style?

  • Hi Donna! Yes, currently we have the Solo Sigma available in cob sizing. All future models will also carry cob sizes. :)

    Solo Equine
  • Do you anything in cob size?

    Donna Zabukovec

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