It's A Christmas Miracle!

The number one question I receive is, "When are you getting a double?". And I usually responded, "Soon, it's in the works!". Little did I know it would take 6 months of refining, adapting, tweaking, and some twerking (its what I do to relax) to get this baby just right.

BUT....we did it!! When the final product arrived and I opened up the boxes to reveal these gems I was doing the Carlton dance (from Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, if you're too young and missed out on amazing TV). 

I could not be happier to share these bridles with you, so we are having an amazing introductory offer on these bad boys. Get them now for a very limited time for $245 CAD. "Saaaaaay whaaaaaaat?!?" I know, right! Want more deets? Click here!

Merry Christmas and Happy Riding!


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