Devastation & Loss

It's been an intense week. I sit here in Edmonton totally removed from the fires raging in southern California, but its as if I'm watching some horrific movie unfold before me each time I scroll through Facebook. watch.

Last night as the fires raged closer and closer to friends of mine who ride and train in San Diego, I follow them through facebook as they embark on heroic trips venturing straight into the inferno to rescue and transport horses facing certain death. I'm honored to know these kinds of people who step up to the plate and take action amidst chaos and fear. Trailer load after trailer load they transport horse after horse well into the night.

My good friend Joseph Newcomb was able to capture some of the footage in this remarkable video.


A portion of this weekends sale will be donated to assist the horses in need in Southern California. I applaud the efforts of Mary's Tack And Feed who has helped coordinate efforts to tend to the hundreds of rescue horses now in San Diego. 

This is a community of people I am proud to call my friends. <3 <3 <3


Peggy Brown

Peggy Brown

These are tactical fires.




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