7 Non-Tack Show Essentials

We are deep into the show season and starting to hit the sweltering summer months. To prepare for showing in the midst of summer, the Solo FamJam has compiled a list of essential items to bring along to a show that isn't tack related. These must-haves will allow you to focus on doing what you're there to be doing in the first place, riding a successful test!

  1. Chapstick. There's nothing worse than trying to ride your horse when your lips feel like sandpaper. Stock up.
  2. Sunscreen. Maybe this is because I'm a pasty ginger, but the only thing worse than burning lips, is burning skin. 
  3. Folding chair. You're on your feet enough prepping and tending to your horse, but be sure to give yourself a break once in a while with this must have.
  4. Safety Pins & Sewing Kit. I admit it, I've had one too many veggie burgers during a show and blow a button off my show coat. Sewing kit saved the day!
  5. Sunglasses. Even if its cloudy, you'll still look as cool as Jack Nicholson with some shades on.
6. Advil, Tylenol, Bandaids. Need I say more?
7. Truck and Trailer registration. Nothing worse than getting pulled over by the cops with a trailer full of horses and not have your papers. On the upside, jail is a nice break from having to clean stalls.
Don't forget, ride hard and laugh often! Happy showing!

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